Happy New Year

The new year is inspiring with so many new projects on the horizon. First up was a long anticipated photo shoot with Natasha Estelle Djuhandi. When she told me Jessica Smith was going to be modeling I was so excited. Jessica recently moved to NY to pursue modeling and she is one of most talented models I have worked with. I imagine we will be seeing her in bigger magazine editorials very soon..

This weekend was the Portland Bridal Show at the Expo center and I lent out a lace wedding dress and capelet to Austie Eckley for her model to wear.  Austie makes incredible bridal hair pieces and she also does professional hair and make-up. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone getting married. The time she did my make-up I loved it!  Model: the lovely Zoe Sherman 

I can barely take any styling credit for this photo because I wasn't there freezing in the snow with Cassie Meder and Kindra Nikole, but this photo is beyond amazing and I have to share it.  I love everything that Cassie does, so when she asked to borrow some wardrobe and the St. Lucia crown for this shoot I was flattered and especially excited because she planned to use real candles in the crown.  (Believe me, I tried it and it is very scary) 

And last, but not least - my Secret Oregon Bride cover!  Every issue they release two covers and I somehow missed this one even though it has been out now for months.  Very flattered to have a mostly full length picture of my dress on the cover! 

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