Photos from the Sample Sale

Haunt customers got some amazing deals on pieces from Portland's favorite designers at the Sample Sale. It was a night not to be missed. Church + State dresses for as little as $50, marked down from $375. Not to mention Claire La Faye slip tops and dresses at a fraction of their original prices. Emily Ryan had some gorgeous tunic/dresses that flew out the door. Kate Towers brought in the most fascinating Tees, and one of a kind dresses. Frocky Jack brought a slew of silky gowns and a beautiful repurposed fur shrug that everyone had to try on. Linea had a collection of wool silk garments that were all on the under $75 rack. Holly, Rachael and I marked all of our lines down for the evening, as well. The designers really brought it for their fans, and I know everyone who purchased a garment or accessory left giddy!

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